Dates in country:   Several trips to South Luangwa in 2009, 26th March 2010 - 19th April 2010, 15th September 2010 - 3rd October 2010, 27th November 2010 - 11th December 2010

Currency:   Zambian Kwacha (c. 7,000  - 7,500 ZK to £1)

Distance travelled: 

Fuel used: 

Cost of fuel: 7,000 ZK per litre

Visa/entry permit: Single entry visa valid for 30 days costs $50. NB Ask for the full 30 days. I understand that after the 30 days visas can be extended for a fee (though we didn't need to do this).

Carnet/Temporary import permit: Border officials seem to know what to do with a carnet. Otherwise get a TIP for 30 days.  Again I understand these can be renewed for a fee up to twice more. 

Third party insurance: Required. Cost depends on vehicle specifications but should be c 100,000 ZK for 30 days,

Additional requirements: Carbon Tax is payable.  Again this depends on vehicle spec (engine size). For a 2500hp it was 150,000 ZK.Valid for 1 year or the length of your stay (ie leaving the country invalidates it).

Road toll - $20. This is ostensibly based on where you travel but we have been charged the same whether we say we are crossing the whole country or just visiting Livingstone.  Make sure you get a description that covers you eg "All over Zambia" as we had hassles over this at road blocks. NB we weren't ever asked to purchase this at Mchinji (crossed the border 4 times) but you will need to buy it to exit Zambia at more major borders eg Sesheke and Kazungula and we were asked for it at road blocks.

Council tax 30,000 ZK.  Again only asked to purchase it in the South.

Customs: No problems encountered at land border with Malawi (Mchinji). Sesheke and Kazungula are chaotic - avoid the "helpers".

Roads: Generally main roads are good tar though with occasional - sometimes big - potholes. Great North Road north of Kasanka is shocking. Watch out for big trucks. Expect rougher roads off the beaten track and in and to National Parks.

Police blocks: Regularly encountered. They want to check all documents.  Have these to hand.