Recommended Suppliers and Sources of Useful Information

Africa Overland Network

A fantastic website which collates websites produced by people (like us) who are planning or undertaking self-supported overland expeditions in Africa and other continents. This is a great way of tapping into the knowledge and experience of others and contains information not available in any book.

Bradt Guides

IMHO the most useful guides for independent travel.


UK based manufacturers and suppliers of expedition equipment for Land Rovers. We have used one of their heavy duty steel roofracks and bullbars.  

Dingocroft, High Wycombe, UK

Tim Britnell at Dingocroft was extremely helpful in sourcing parts at good prices for our 2010/2011 overhaul. Highly recommended.

Foleys Africa Limited, Livingstone, Zambia

Now owned and run by Nick Selby.  Foleys Africa have been an invaluable source of support as our overloaded Landy started creaking after a punishing 50,000 miles. A thorough overhaul including a replacement galvanised chassis should set us up for the return journey to the UK.

Foleys Specialist Vehicles, UK

Essex based family firm specialising in preparing Land Rovers for expeditions (and just about anything else), bespoke conversions and the export of Land Rovers to Africa and elsewhere. Foleys did the preparation worlk on our Land Rover and we have relied heavily on them for advice, shipping and support.


Manufacturers of the excellent Garmin GPS systems.


Website/forum aimed at travelers on two wheels but includes advice which is useful for those who prefer two or more extra wheels. 


Expensive, big, heavy and with the ergonomics of an early 1990s mobile phone but still the only truly global satellite phones.

Landyonline ZA

Useful website and forum for all things Land Rover in South/southern Africa.

Mobile Storage Solutions

Suppliers of great quality storage drawers and cubby boxes for Land Rovers. 

4x4 Community Website

An excellent resource for travel in Southern Africa

Moz Guide

Independent online guide and forum covering everything you could possibly want to know about travelling in Mozambique.

MPS 4x4

MPS are based in the south coast of England and supply Land Rover and general 4x4 parts and accessories including Engel fridges and the excellent secondhand aluminium Zarges boxes we have used for our trip.

MyWay Tents

Well thought out South African made 4x4 rooftents with friendly and helpful representatives in South Africa and the UK.


Innovative Australian made frame tents which can be put up and down in a few minutes.

OneLife Adventure

Lancashire based firm run by Paul Blackburn, running UK, European and north African 4x4 expeditions and a source of friendly and helpful advice.

Sian Pritchard-Jones & Bob Gibbons; Africa Overland published by Bradt

The latest edition of the Bradt Africa Overland guide has been wriiten by them and was the starting point in the planning for our trip.

Bob and Sian also run Expedition World which runs trips for small groups keen to explore some of the more inaccessible north African destinations as well the Himalayas.

Chris Scott; Sahara Overland

A really useful source of information travel in the Sahara by various methods (including routes with GPS coordinates) but he does have somewhat subjective views on Land Rovers!  

Tom Sheppard; Vehicle Dependant Expeditions

The “bible” for overland expeditions, now republished after several years only available secondhand and/or at exorbitant prices.

Thorn Tree

Lonely Planet’s forum for travelers.


South African based company which produces very reasonably priced Garmin compatible digital mapping. T4A works a bit like Wikipedia as their maps are based on tracks, routes, waymarks and other information provided by T4A subscribers. These are reviewed and verified by the T4A editorial panel. T4A and members of the T4A community have been happy to provide us with friendly and helpful advice  


Wales based firm specialising in running UK weekends and north African 4x4 expeditions. Expeditions are led by John Reader (a true Yorkshireman who is great company and source of support and advice, usually prefaced with “I’m not being funny but…”) and knowledgeable local Moroccan guide Hassan.


Run by Ben McNutt who honed his bushcraft skills as an apprentice of Ray Mears. Woodcraft are based in Cumbria and provide training in all aspects of bushcraft, expedition preparation and also run trips to northern Namibia to experience life with and learn skills from the Kalahari bushmen.