Dates in country:   6th August 2011 - 17 August 2011

Currency:   Sudanese pounds (2.7 - 3.4 to £1)

Distance travelled: c.1500 km

Fuel used: Cost of fuel: c. 1.5 SDP per litre

Visa/entry permit: Two week visa obtained from Nairobi. Cost 4,000 shillings. Letter of Introduction required from embassy. Valid for two months from issue (ie have to enter Sudan by end of this two month period). 

Carnet/Temporary import permit: Border officials seem to know what to do with a carnet.

Third party insurance: Required. We are covered by our Comesa insurance here so amount not known.

Additional requirements: Some sort of Customs tax/fee required at border SDP 13.50. Alien registration required within 3 days of entry. Travel/photo permits also technically required though some don't bother. We tried to do paperwork ourselves but after several frustrating hours in Khartoum heat/traffic ended up using a fixer Midhat Mahir (+249 912253484).  His office (he runs a travel agency) is opposite the Plaza Hotel on the first floor of a building that says Tappco on top). He can also organise ferry tickets - especially if you want a cabin. Midhat's brother Mazar can also help you board the ferry and putting the car on the barge in Wadi Halfa.

Customs: No problems encountered.

Roads: Very good to perfect tar - even through empty desert. Can drive offroad most places though watch out for impromptu mining and deep sand. Try to follow existing tracks.

Police blocks: Fairly frequent - take copies of all your documents to hand over to save time.