·       Zarges Boxes

We picked up eight secondhand 40 litre aluminium storage boxes at a Land Rover show in the UK. These are strong, dust proof storage containers used by aid agencies, the military and others to transport valuable or delicate items.

Although not cheap, these look to be a better alternative to the usual South African Wolf ammunition boxes which are not dust proof and always seem to have broken catches. The rear shelf fitted by Foleys means that we should have easy access to these boxes;

·       Mobile Storage Solutions Rear Drawer and Cubby Box

Again, not a cheap option but provide secure and (fairly) dustproof storage which is easy to access.

·        Milan Suitcases

No, Lisa has not been splashing out on Italian designer luggage. We managed to get some heavy duty fibreglass suitcases from an army surplus shop which had been designed to carry the sights for NATO Milan anti-tank missiles. Once the foam inserts were removed they made excellent storage cases but we got a bit nervous about the military look of them and slapped on some bright blue and green paint.