Republic of South Africa

Dates in country:  4 November – 10 December 2008, 21 May 2010 - 14 August 2010

Currency:   South African Rand (15 -17 Rand: 1 GBP 2008) (11 Rand: 1 GBP 2010)

Distance travelled:   5740 km (2008)

Fuel used:   708 Litres (2008)

Cost of fuel:  8.5 - 10 Rand per litre (2008) 7 - 9 Rand per litre (2010)

Visa/entry permit:  No visa required for UK citizens.  90 day permit given on arrival.

Carnet/ Temporary Import Permit:   Exit portion of carnet entry for Namibia completed on exiting RSA as this was exit from South African Customs Union (SACU).

Third Party Vehicle Insurance:   Included in price of petrol

Additional Requirements – None

Customs:   Exiting at Ressana Garcia in 2008 was a painful experience as half the population of Maputo appeared to be returning after shopping trips to South Africa. The huge queues at the South African VAT reclaim office meant that we were forced to abandon our hopes of reclaiming VAT on goods we had bought in South Africa.  However, we understand you have to exit RSA at this border if you are travelling on a carnet to Mozambique as only certain RSA borders are designated as exits for customs purposes and this was the only such border with Mozambique.

Roads:   Good tarmac just about everywhere

Police Stops:   Once in Jo'burg.  Mud was obscuring plates.  Let off with warning.