Dates in country:   15th April 2011 - 22nd April 2011

Currency:  Rwandan Franc

Exchange rate:   10 - 10.5 Francs: 1 GBP 

Distance traveled:   

Fuel  used: 

Cost of fuel:  (c. 10.15 francs per litre)

Visa/entry permit:-  No visa required for UK citizens.  Free entry for unlimited period.

Carnet/Temporary  Import Permit:   Carnet completed at point of entry. 

Third Party Vehicle Insurance:   Required.  We purchased COMESA insurance in zambia that covers us in Rwanda so price of standalone insurance not known.

Additional Requirements:   None

Customs:  No issues

Roads:   Good tarmac on main roads. Very hilly though which means speeds are slow.  Driving is on the right.

Police Stops:  Occasional - no problems