Dates in country:   13th May 2011 - 26th June 2011

Currency:   Kenyan Shilling (140 to £1)

Distance travelled: Too many kilometres to count!

Fuel used: Too much to count!

Cost of fuel: 105 -120 Ksh per litre

Visa/entry permit: 90 day visa cost $25 (though shortly will revert to $50).  NB Ask for the full 90 days.

Carnet/Temporary import permit: Border officials seem to know what to do with a carnet.

Third party insurance: Required. We are covered by our Comesa insurance here so amount not known.

Additional requirements: Confusing! We got a Foreign Vehicle Permit which is free for up to 7 days. For a month it costs $40 and for three months $100.  If you can persuade them it is commercial vehicle the fees are half that. But beware as foriegn commercial vehicles are not allowed into game parks (should anyone check). Other travelers reported being charged Road Toll instead of the FVP.  This was $25 to Eldoret, but $84 if you say you are going all the way to the Ethiopian border.  We were never asked for any of these at police stops.

Customs: No problems encountered.

Roads: Not good. Tar often gouged by trucks making surface unstable and making it difficult to overtake. Dirt roads to parks eg Masai Mara poor. Roads in most parks also fairly poor.

Police blocks: Occasional.  No problems (usually just want to chat).