Dates in country:   10th October 2011 - 6th November 2011

Currency:   Dinar (1.1 to £1)

Distance travelled: c.1500 km

Fuel used: Cost of fuel: c. 0.5 JD per litre

Visa/entry permit: 30 day visa obtained on Nuweiba ferry - no charge.

Carnet/Temporary import permit: Carnet not used. TIP obtained for 30 days - 16JD.

Third party insurance: Required. 34JD for 30 days.

Additional requirements: None.

Customs: No problems encountered. Car x-rayed when disembarked from boat.

Roads: Very good to perfect tar. Some mildly challenging sand/rocks in Wadi Rum if you look for it. 

Police blocks: None.