Dates in country: 7th November 2011 - 29th November 2011

Currency:   Shekels ( 5.9 to £1)

Distance travelled: c.1500 km

Fuel used: Cost of fuel: c. 6.5 - 8 NIS per litre (more expensive on major routes and where attendants fill tank.

Visa/entry permit: No visa required for UK citizens.

Carnet/Temporary import permit: TIP obtained for 30 days - no charge.

Third party insurance: Required. Believed to cost $100 but we had obtained a Green card (350 euro for 3 months to cover Israel and Europe).

Additional requirements:  Checks on entry and exit were quite simply a nightmare. We had to empty everything out of the car, including things bolted down, fridge etc for everything to be individually scanned. This took 8 hours.

Customs: See above.

Roads: Very good to perfect tar - even through empty desert.

Police blocks: None.