Dates in country:   18th August 2011 - 10th October 2011

Currency:   Egyptian pounds (9.5 - 9.8 to £1)

Distance travelled: Not recorded but over 3,000km

Fuel used: Cost of fuel: c. 1.1 EGP per litre

Visa/entry permit: 30 day visa obtained on Wadi Halfa to Aswan ferry for $15. NB Passports are taken on boarding and visas often issued during the course of the evening. Keep checking as if you leave it until the next morning you may be delayed (immigration officer is sleeping!). Fairly easy to extend - fill out a form and have copies of picture page and visa page as well as a passport photos.

Carnet/Temporary import permit: Carnet required. We employed a fixer (Mohammed Abouda) to deal with car importation for $50. All went very smoothly. Costs for various taxes/fees totalled 1,500 EGP (which no doubt included a few sweeteners) but we did get car off barge and ready to go in a matter of hours. We extended the car importation documentation at Alexandria which was nightmare.  Took a full day to apply for and get a perspex pass for the port. New number plates required. Fire extinguisher purchase required (even though we have two). Fixer wanted (but didn't get) 200 euros.

Third party insurance: Required. Not sure of cost - included within 1,500 EGP mentioned above.

Customs: See above.

Roads: Some good tar - even through empty desert. Nile road very congested.

Police blocks: Tourist police escort required on stretches of Nile road - very time consuming. Various checkpoints on Western Desert loop.