Dates in country:   19th April 2010 - 21st May 2010, 5th October 2010 - 9th November 2010

Currency:  Pula

Exchange rate:   9.2 -10.1 Pula: 1 GBP 

Distance travelled:   

Fuel  used: 

Cost of fuel:  (c. 6-7 pula per litre)

Visa/entry permit:-  No visa required for UK citizens - 30 day entry permit granted at border – no charge. Extendable to 90 days at Immigration Offices in bigger towns - no charge. NB They may ask you to do it the day before expiry but if you are not planning to be in a big town then they will usually accommodate.

Carnet/Temporary  Import Permit:   Carnet completed at point of entry.  NB Exit portion of carnet does not need to be completed until exiting Southern African Customs Union area (which includes RSA, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland) ie exit portion does not need completing until entry into Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mozambique etc.

Third Party Vehicle Insurance:   Required.  Purchased at Customs. P50 for 3 months.

Additional Requirements:   Road Safety Levy P20 (valid 12 months), Road Levy P50 NB Can get multiple entry option.

Customs:  No issues.

Roads:   Good tarmac on main roads. Otherwise often dirt/mud or deep sand depending on the season. 4 x 4 required in almost all Parks. Distances between fuel stops can be large.

Police Stops:  None